Likorall™ 200 Overhead Hoist

Likorall™ 200 Overhead Hoist

Most people are familiar with the ceiling hoists Likorall™ from Liko™, perhaps the most widely used ceiling hoist motor in the world. It lifts thousands of people every day and saves just as many backs. User-friendliness, a genuine regard for safety and a well thought out design has made the Likorall™ overhead hoist highly regarded among both end users and service users.

Likorall™ 200 uses the same proven, user-friendly, and safe technology as the other ceiling hoists in their series but with a simplified design, which makes Likorall™ 200 the most economical lift hoist for those with less demanding lifting needs. Likorall™ 200 is suitable for most overhead lifting situations in schools, respite centres, nursing homes etc.

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A Safe Choice

Likorall™ 200 is a safe choice. It is equipped with Liko’s patented safety drum, electrical emergency lowering, emergency stop, lift strap with 10-fold safety margin and safety squeeze protection.





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Likorall™ 200 is equipped with Q-link™, providing for quick and easy changes of lifting accessories from Liko’s extensive range. The many installation alternatives for Liko’s rail system and the possibility to choose free-standing systems make installation of Likorall™ 200 feasible in all environments. In combination with Liko’s Quick-Release Hook™ Carriage, planned transfer of lift motors between different rooms can be made by one person without the need for tools. Should you need extra functionality from your ceiling hoist motor, such as charging along the rail, wireless IR control, possibility of using a transfer motor and electrical rail switches, or to lift heavier patients, Liko™ has several other Likorall™ models.

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Finding the right solution

Installing any ceiling hoist system requires careful consideration. You must know the types of challenges that will need to be solved, the lifting situation and how you intend to lift with the system. To facilitate installation, it is also essential to know the underlying technical conditions and prerequisites in the location where the system is to be installed.

At Lotus Adapt we carry out on-site surveys with all our clients to design solutions that enhance the client and carer experience, solving those challenging patient handling demands that fit even the most demanding environments.

In this way, you can be assured of getting the best system to meet your specific needs. We have solutions for all types of settings and lifting, complete systems that give patients and caregivers freedom.

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Product Features

Emergency lowering

Electrical emergency lowering with easy-to-reach strap

Hand control

Ergonomically designed hand control

Lifting interval

Lifting interval 180 cm (72″) – handles lifts from the floor in most environments

Planned transfers

Can be equipped with a special carriage for planned transfers between different rooms

Speed limiter

Patented safety drum with speed limiter


Simple wall charging via hand control


Quick sling bar change thanks to the Q-link and Quick-release Hook