Likorall™ 242 ES/S R2R Overhead Hoist

Likorall™ 242 ES R2R Overhead Hoist

The Likorall™ 242 R2R overhead hoist system is Likorall’s most popular overhead hoist model and easily handles the majority of common lifting tasks. The versatile system offers safe and service-friendly lifting assistance. Safety features include a patented safety drum with speed limiter and electrical emergency lowering.

The hoist’s 200 cm (79″) lifting interval handles lifts from the floor in most environments, and the system can be equipped with a special carriage for easy room-to-room transfers. Simple wall charging via hand control adds to its convenience appeal.

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Let your needs decide

Likorall S, IRC overhead hoist is prepared for continuous charging through the rail system by the LikoTM In-Rail charging system (IRC)

Likorall overhead hoist with the ES designation is prepared for operation with the wireless hand control Remote (IR) and in addition, a transfer motor can be connected for motor-driven movement of Likorall ES overhead lift along the rail.

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Transfers from Room to Room on the rail system

Liko has always been at the forefront when it comes to room-to-room solutions. Here, several factors must be considered. Naturally, safety is the first concern, but other things, such as the aesthetics of the room, are also important. Liko’s installation alternatives make lifting convenient without the need for altering doorways and other features. With Likorall R2R, two lift units are connected at the doorway to enable safe, trouble-free transfer of the patient between rooms. Multirall allows you to perform the same type of transfer using only one lift unit and a room-to-room strap.

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Finding the right solution

Installing any ceiling hoist system requires careful consideration. You must know the types of challenges that will need to be solved, the lifting situation and how you intend to lift with the system. To facilitate installation, it is also essential to know the underlying technical conditions and prerequisites in the location where the system is to be installed.

At Lotus Adapt we carry out on-site surveys with all our clients to design solutions that enhance the client and carer experience, solving those challenging patient handling demands that fit even the most demanding environments.

In this way, you can be assured of getting the best system to meet your specific needs. We have solutions for all types of settings and lifting, complete systems that give patients and caregivers freedom.

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Product Features

Speed limiter

Patented safety drum with speed limiter.

Planned transfers

Can be equipped with a special carriage for planned transfers between different rooms.

Hand control

Wireless hand control option.

Lifting interval

Lifting interval 200 cm (80″) – handles lifting from the floor in most environments.


Simple wall charging via hand control or, alternatively, charging from the ceiling rail.


Quick sling bar change thanks to the Q-link and Quick-release Hook.

Transfer motor (ES Model)

Can be equipped with a special Transfer Motor, which enables transfers electronically along the rail.