Liko Hillrom Sabina II Sit to Stand Patient Lift

Liko Hillrom Sabina II Sit to Stand Patient Lift

Move patients from sitting to standing and anywhere in between for a quick transfer.

The Sabina® II EE Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift helps you easily and quickly transfer patients to and from the bed, chair and toilet by lifting them from sitting to a standing position. With consistent use, you may increase patient satisfaction with improved toileting programs and help to keep your patient safe from falls during transfers. Keep your patients comfortable with an assortment of soft accessories designed especially for the Sabina lift. The lift can be adjusted to accommodate patients with a variety of statures, and it can support passive lifting movements when necessary.

The Sabina Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift simply lifts the patient from a sitting position to a standing position, allowing for transfers to/from the bed or chair. With an active lifting safe working load of 200kg (440 lbs), this lift can support your toileting program and fall management protocols.

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Finding the right solution

Installing any lifting system requires careful consideration. You must know the types of challenges that will need to be solved, the lifting situation and how you intend to lift with the system. To facilitate installation, it is also essential to know the underlying technical conditions and prerequisites in the location where the system is to be installed.


At Lotus Adapt we carry out on-site surveys with all our clients to design solutions that enhance the client and carer experience, solving those challenging patient handling demands that fit even the most demanding environments.


In this way, you can be assured of getting the best system to meet your needs.

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Product Features

Safe Working Load Active Lifting: 200kg (440 lbs); Passive Lifting: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Lifting Interval: 32.5″ / 825 mm
Base Height: 4.2″ / 107 mm
Low Base / Alt. Caster Option: No Low Base, but High Base Clearance Casters Available

Material Type: Steel
Lift Weight: 90 lbs / 41 kg
Lift Speed: 2.13″/ sec; 54 mm / sec