Paediatric Barella Shower Trolley

Paediatric Barella Shower Trolley

Paediatric size Barella Shower Trolley, for children and small adults, or use in areas where space is at a premium.

The Barella BP31 Model is Chinesport’s paediatric size shower trolley offering a superb lifting frame which guarantees stability at every working height. As with all the Barella trolleys the platform is a generous size, offering space to manoeuvre your child and boasts an excellent side height on the rails of 27cm – making bathing easy. This model is supplied with a raising backrest and has a 150kg SWL.

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Finding the right solution

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Product Features

Extremely stable platform


Anti-corrosion process that makes the Barella suitable for the toughest environments


Generous platform size


Very strong stainless steel side rails – and higher than commonly found on trolleys allowing the Barella to be used as a shallow bath if risk assessed





Folding side rails as standard


Adjustable height between 610mm – 1000mm


Single-handed plug operation


Hygienic shower hose design